Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Less Than 1 Week

In less than a week we will be arriving in Stone Mountain at the new house to get the keys and do the walk through paperwork. I will then take pictures and sketch out room details so I can make a plan of how I want the furniture placed. It seems like the packing and purging has been going on forever. The only thing left to pack is small stuff or stuff that we use on a daily basis. It's almost done! As I sit here sipping on my tea I can look back on all this and know that I've done a pretty awesome job organizing stuff. I'm hoping that when we get into the new place I will be inspired to be much more organized (I am armed with my HGTV magazine and the Zite app on my phone for ideas). I want my home to be comfortable and things easy to find. I know I can do it, it's just a matter of keeping it up on a daily basis.

I've thought about all the things that I am going to miss about our current house and the things that I won't miss at all. I've come up with a short list for both.

Things I will miss:
The huge open kitchen with island and tons of counter space
Kitchen pantry (I got spoiled by this one)
Master bathroom with double vanity
Garage (I will have a storage shed for stuff in the backyard, unfortunately our car won't fit in the

Things I am glad to say goodbye to:
Yard with no fence and no privacy
Neighborhood kids who destroy my yard decorations and pound on our door and run
Bad schools
Stairs (oh wait did I already mention that?)

Things I am looking forward to at the new house:
Much more space (almost 2200sq ft vs the 1500 sq ft we have now)
Fenced yard that is HUGE!
Cute kitchen with decorative accent tiles on the back splash (I'm a sucker for a kitchen with personality)
Single story (no stairs!!)
Huge master bedroom (with a bay window)
New city to explore
Close vicinity to walking and bike riding trails for exercise (who needs a gym membership)
Better school options and activities
Having plenty of room to invite friends over for gatherings (I haven't done this in years so I'm looking forward to it!)

Now if only I could wave a wand and get the rest of our stuff packed I'd be great but if that were the case it would already be done by now. Purging as I go is what is time consuming but I will be thankful that all that trash didn't come with us to clutter up our new home. I will post pictures after I take them next week so I can share my new to me home with everyone! Until then, let the packing and purging continue!

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