Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yep, Still Sick...

I woke up this morning and yep, I'm still sick. Chest is rattling when I cough. Fever all day and night. I'm to the point where I'm hoping I die soon because I hate being this sick and death seems like a nice relief to the illness. My throat is always hurting now and the only relief is when I take my medication and sleep it off. I'm so freaking sick of sleeping. I am so bored because I can't do much and being upright for too long makes me sick to my stomach and lightheaded. This is honestly not what I wanted for Christmas.

On a kinda funny note, I've been way under my calorie count all week on My Fitness Pal. The poor app keeps reminding me every day that I am eating too few calories and that my body is going to go into starvation mode. I feel like I should justify my lack of food intake with something but there is no way to do that on the app. So I giggle inside when I see the disclaimer about my starving myself and eating too little every day. Honestly I'm surprised I can eat at all, it's usually only 1-2 small meals a day just enough to keep my headaches from flaring up too bad. Soup would be perfect but most gluten free soups are just nasty and I don't like them. Who would have thought that Campbell's chicken soup could be bad for me?

Keep fingers crossed form me that this antibiotic kicks this virus soon so I might be able to enjoy my holiday even the slightest bit....thanks!

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