Monday, December 17, 2012

Lounge Weekend

I can honestly say that this was a total lounge weekend. I decided to decompress from being sick and tired all week and I think it did me some good. I need about another 5 days of said lounging and I think it would be perfect (preferably on a beach where it's warm!) I managed to stay on track with my food choices this weekend (sans Friday night) and I was pleased to be under my calories allotment for Saturday and Sunday. I did notice a gain of 1 pound, but that is what I call the floating pound because it comes and goes at will it seems. It could be water retention, it could be something more, who knows? I'm not going to break down over 1 little pound, but if it invites friends, then it's going to be on like Donkey Kong.

Saturday we decided to try a new restaurant that we haven't been to yet. It's called Chow's Mongolian Grill. It's very similar to Ghengis Grill downtown, but much much closer to where we live currently. I loved the small restaurant atmosphere, the pleasant staff and the delicious choices for my bowl of deliciousness. They staff even saw my son struggling to eat with chopsticks, so they took the chopsticks and added a handmade "helper" (that's what my son calls it) so the sticks were easier to control. Think folded piece of napkin and a rubber band at the end to keep the sticks together at the top and easier to pinch together to pick up pieces. It was really nice of them. After our filling and yummy lunch we ventured out to see the Hobbit. I wasn't sure my son was going to be able to handle an almost 3 hour movie, but he did just fine. I loved it. The cinematography was beautiful and the story line was just as I remember it in the book (mostly). After we left the theater, we went shopping at Best Buy and then we went and had dinner at Steak and Shake since kids eat free there on weekends. It was a great family day out with no arguments and no whining or crying from my restless 10 year old. Score one for happy times out!

Yesterday I did mostly nothing. We watched some documentaries on Netflicks, a couple of really good movies and I played on the Sims 3. I made dinner and afterwards I tackled the kitchen because I could no longer see my kitchen sink. That was an issue. I have a few tupperware containers and my steamer left to wash but I'm pretty sure I can tackle those tonight after dinner. The bulk of the dishes were hand washed and one load did make it into the dishwasher. At least I got one chore accomplished for the weekend so I don't feel like a total lounger.

Today I head back to work. I have to stay on task and on schedule this week with my house work. I don't want to fall too behind on it and end up spending all weekend trying to regain order. I am going to eat my healthy choices and I want to get some reading in as well. (I didn't touch my book at all this weekend which is a little sad). Back to basics and hopefully this week will have a happy ending just like last week did without all the crazy illness and stress of last week!

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