Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Monday Already?

When I was a child it seemed like the weekends lasted forever. Those two little days of fun in the sun just couldn't stretch on any further. Now that I am an adult, I come home from work on Friday night and wake up and it is Monday morning. (well at least it feels that way). I think as adults we are getting the short end of the weekend stick and I'd like to lodge a complaint!

Saturday was spa day and it was awesome. My hair appointment was fun, we ended up going darker on my hair because the original copper/brown color that I had done last time was only to help color over the highlights I had done and the shop was out of that color this time around. Now my hair is the incredibly pretty auburn/plum color that, not to toot my own horn here, has always looked awesome on me. I loved it, it makes me feel feminine and like I'm getting attention without screaming "Hey look at me!!!" I think my glasses help in that arena too. They really draw attention to my eyes and face in a very geek chic way. My husband calls them Lisa Loeb glasses. (If you don't know who that is, Google it!)

Saturday evening was spent in the company of two of our friends whom we rarely see. He is a truck driver so it's hit or miss whether or not he'll get weekends off. Well he rolled into town and gave us a call so I told him to head on over. We hung out at our house, then went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. The food was delicious and the company was fun as always.

Yesterday I got up early and got the grocery shopping done. My son cleaned his room and I did his laundry. I baked a delicious looking gluten free pumpkin pie and with the extra pumpkin filling (because the recipe I did made two pies but the box of crust mix I bought only made one pie) I made pumpkin squares. I never realized how healthy pumpkin was. My pumpkin squares are only 86 calories per bar, which is a bonus for me because it didn't push me over my calorie intake for the day like I thought it would. Woo hoo! The past week I have only gone over my calorie allotment once, every other day I was under and still on the weight loss track (even without much exercise).

Tonight I am going to hit the gym after I make dinner and start my evening workout routine. I have to get back to the gym in order to get in my strength training. Sure, I'm losing a pound a week right now but there will come a point where, without new muscle to burn the remaining fat, I will plateau and not lose anymore. I have to get my body stronger. The bonus is if I get strength in my back, the arthritis won't bother me as much as it does now because the muscles will help keep the spine aligned correctly and avoid inflammations. I can live with that. Plus having some definition to my body will only enhance the fact that I have curves and the lose of inches will result in smaller sized clothing eventually, which is always a good thing!

I didn't get around to getting our holiday decorations up yet but I am going to work on that hopefully some during the week and probably put up the tree on Saturday. I have OCD and my Christmas tree has to be perfectly arranged or it drives me nuts. The ornaments have to be properly spaced and the tree skirt has to sit just right. I know it may seem over the top but it's who I am and I've accepted it. (No, no no! Two blue ornaments cannot be next to each other, gimme that!)

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