Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Morning Reflections

I have to admit that the beginning of this week was horrible, however the end of the week mellowed out and was actually not that bad. I am no longer suffering from extreme fatigue, which is always a plus. I haven't been to the gym since Wednesday because I am letting my body recover from the stress I had put on it. I can definitely feel the difference between when I am going to the gym and when I don't. I plan on starting back on Monday evening after work and trying an evening routine plan for awhile. I have discovered that over the past two days I seem to have more energy at night than I thought I did. I could easily have come home, fixed dinner and gone to the gym. It might also help with any stress that follows me home from a long work day. So, I'm looking forward to trying the new routine out and seeing if I have success with it!

I did lost 1 pound this week. I was shocked when I got on the scale this morning and saw that I weighed in at 189. I have been pretty active most of the week, with 3 days of gym time, and two days of walking about and doing some house chores. That meets My Fitness Pal goal of 1 pound per week and that makes me extremely happy. I love it when I make goals and achieve them without too much trouble. I did learn one thing this week though. On Thursday I wasn't feeling very hungry and I didn't take snacks to work like I usually do. Well between breakfast, lunch and dinner I only ate 930 calories that day. When I logged that into My Fitness Pal I got this warning in all red letters that said basically "You have eaten too little and you need to maintain at least 1200 calories a day or else your body will go into starvation mode". Holy crap did my app just scold me? It sure did. I made sure I consumed my needed calories yesterday (I probably even went over a bit) and took snacks to work, even if I only ate one of them. We were so busy at work I'm surprised that we even got to eat lunch! So now I know that with MFP if I eat too much or eat too little, it tells me what I've done wrong and makes gentle suggestions to NOT do that again because it's bad for me.

Today is my spa day. I was super excited to find out that we didn't have to work over time this weekend at work. I am going to get my bangs cut because I am starting to resemble a sheep dog with them all in my eyes and such and my hair colored touched up. I absolutely love this coppery brown that my stylist did for me last time. It's as close to my natural hair color as I'm going to get and I love the warmth of the red/brown combination against my skin tone. It's hard to see in pictures because it just looks brown, but the copper really pops in the sunlight! I am also going to get my nails done. Since I started working and have some surplus cash every now and then I've been getting my nails done every 2-3 weeks. I like the manicured look and the way my hands don't look so old. It is said that you can tell a woman's "true" age by the appearance of her hands. Well if that the case I'm surprised that people haven't thought I was much older than I am because my hands show all the years on them. Wrinkles, fine lines and a ruddiness that comes with age. Our hands do a lot and I have to admit that I should probably pamper them more than I do but for now they are getting pretty new nails because that's in my budget.

Overall this week has been good. I am feeling good about myself and most of my choices for the week. Whether it's food or exercise I can say that I haven't done too bad this time. Now just to continue to do well and hope that scale keeps losing that pound every week so I can have something to brag about on Saturday mornings!

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