Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bad Sleep Strikes Again

The past two nights have been full of bad sleep for me. I ran out of my night time medication for my arthritis on Saturday and I haven't been able to contact my doctor to get a refill just yet. I didn't realize how much it was helping in the sleep department but it was. I was sleeping through the night and waking up feeling refreshed in the mornings. This has not been the case lately. I wake up all through the night either because of noise or something I'm dreaming. I don't wake up feeling refreshed or happy, I feel hung over and exhausted. I know this is temporary but man does lack of sleep suck!

I didn't make it to the gym last night. I worked a few minutes over at work last night so I could finish some stuff up, by the time I got home, made dinner then got it served it was already almost 6:30pm. Then I looked over at where my kitchen sink should have been and the huge pile of dishes that awaited me and I decided that I was going to clean the kitchen instead of going to the gym. I still got a small workout of bending over to  fill the dishwasher and scrubbing those stubborn tupperware containers so at least it was movement. I may eventually get on track enough here at home to be able to work out in the evenings, it's still something that I'm figuring out time wise.

I am starting to feel the pushes of depression around the edges of my reality. I'm not sure what triggered it this time, but I can feel it looming in the background just waiting to be given a reason to surface full on. I hate that. I think it might be the lack of sleep causing my morning sadness. I think once I get back on track with my arthritis medication I will be back in business as far as waking up in the mornings and getting stuff done. At least that is my hope. Hopefully we will be better organized at work today and the work won't feel like an all out attack on us, yesterday was quite busy and it's only going to get more busy the closer it gets to the end of the year. I totally don't mind the work, but I felt very unorganized and scattered all day yesterday and that makes my OCD go through the roof and makes me irritable. Here's to having better days so I can sleep better at night and get out of this rut of irritation that I seem to be in lately.

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Jane Cartelli said...

As I write this I hope you are sound asleep and getting quality Zzzzzz.

Lack of sleep mixed with cluttered environment can easily lead me into poor choices and ineffective performance. My diagnosed-only-by-me-attention deficit disorder easily steps in and screws me royally unless I find a way to rest properly.

Again, I hope you are snoozing and not reading this for many hours.