Sunday, November 25, 2012

First day back at the gym

Yesterday morning I decided that it was time to get back on the fitness wagon and head back to the gym, since I had clearance from my podiatrist to do so. I got on my gym clothes, pulled my hair up in my signature workout ponytail, wrapped my right foot in my plantar fascia strap to prevent inflammation and put on my awesome new Nike athletic shoes. I walked in the door to the gym and immediately felt ashamed. I felt like I owed the gym an apology for not using my membership properly and being away for so long. No one was judging me but I was judging myself pretty heavily. I checked in at the desk and walked towards the elliptical machines. 

I got onto the machine and could hear the words "Don't over do it!" in my head. I tend to push myself during my workouts even on days when I know I'm supposed to be taking it easy. I stared at the glowing interface on the machine not quite sure which option to use in order to get a good workout without over doing it. I had a brief moment of being overwhelmed and I could feel the anxiety creeping up. I chose the random hill option and put it on level 1. This would allow some changes in elevation without having to use a ton of effort to "climb" the hills. I set the time for 30 minutes, popped in my ear buds and off I went.

I started off strong and felt pretty good, I was walking along at a good pace while listening to my Duran Duran (don't judge me I love 80's music). Then it happened, my calf and thigh muscles started to feel strained and tired, I must have gotten going too fast. I glanced down at the interface to see how long I had been cruising along, 9 minutes 54 seconds. WHAT?? 9 minutes in and I'm already feeling like I'm going to fall apart. This cannot be happening.

Then I got angry with myself and continued through the discomfort because I was not going to wimp out at the 10 minute mark.

I finished my elliptical workout and made my way to the Arc Trainer. I absolutely love this machine. As I hopped up on the foot pedals I once again felt that anxiety and confusion about which level and program I needed to be doing. I knew I couldn't keep up with the program I used to do so I decided to start at the beginning. I put it on program 1 level 1 so it was very simple changes in elevation and my legs wouldn't be over challenged. At first this machine made my legs sore but after a couple of minutes on it my muscles relaxed and I began to enjoy the workout again.

I did 30 minutes on each machine then happily gathered my stuff and headed home. Once I got home I was famished so I had a small plate of Thanksgiving leftovers. I also decided to start using the My Fitness Pal app on my phone and PC so I can track workouts and food all in one place. Hopefully as I am on the program more I'll make friends and be able to have folks to talk to about my fitness and daily life. Having support when you are trying to get in shape and be healthy is important.

I did have to wear my splint boots for a couple of hours after my workout because my heels started hurting. I knew this was going to happen so I was prepared. I watched TV bundled up on the couch and ended up falling asleep. When I woke from my nap I took my boots off and my feet felt better. I just needed to stretch that plantar fascia tissue that had been used for the first time in months.

Today my calves are a little tight, so I'm hoping some deep stretching will alleviate that issue. I feel good about getting back to the gym. Sundays are my "rest" day. Instead of doing gym time I spend time at home with friends while we play random tabletop role playing games. Today I am running the game and it's a Pathfinder D&D game campaign. I'm a geek and I know it, embrace it and show it off whenever I can!

Tomorrow I am going to try going to the gym in the early AM before I go into work. This will require me to get up at 4:00am in order to eat and get some water in me prior to my workout which will start at 5am. The idea of this doesn't exactly thrill me but I'm hoping that it will help me have energy through the day. I can do it, I just have to make the effort!

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