Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tears on the Trail

This past week has been absolutely horrible weather here in the volunteer state. Storms and wet conditions have made it impossible to workout outdoors. When I woke this morning and saw the slightest bit of sun, I decided that an outdoor workout was needed and I was going to do it. 

I drove to my favorite place to go walking and hopped out of the car. I set up my app to track my mileage and time and I set my iPod up for the music that I needed. Then off I went. The first little bit of the trail I walked in order to get my legs stretched out and used to movement. I had been two days since I'd been to the gym and I didn't want to hurt my muscles. I got to the section of trail that becomes unpaved and natural, turned on my mantra song of the day and started jogging. 

I learn by studying, researching and watching other people. I've been working on my running form. I have learned not to slouch, to keep my spine straight, my arms relaxed but bent at the elbows and when my feet hit the ground not to hit on my heels but to hit gently on the balls of my feet to prevent hard impact. I have watched other runners doing this and have read plenty of articles that said it's the effective way to start running. My breathing was controlled and I wasn't panting or having difficulty breathing at all. I was sidestepping roots and mud puddles and being light on my feet like a football player in training. 

With all the rain lately the trail was muddy. At first it wasn't a problem but eventually as I got deeper into the wooded area of the trail the mud got too thick and my pants were getting muddy and wet at the ankles. I decided that I would stop running and get past the mud. I glanced down at my phone and checked my running app to see just how far I had gone. I did a double take and started crying. I had ran 1.13 miles in 16.09 minutes! I did a dance of joy and was so excited I had a stupid smile on my face for the next 1/2 mile of my walk. A man jogged past me looking at me funny because I had sweat and tears streaming down my face yet I was smiling like an idiot. It was a moment I'll never forget!

When I joined the gym June 1st and met with my trainer to discuss my workout plan, he asked me to make goals. He told me that "weight loss" cannot be a choice because that will happen with time and the proper workouts. So I thought about it and wrote down what I thought were suitable goals for me at the time. This is what I wrote:

* I would like to tone up all areas of my body and lose inches from them as well.
* I would like to strengthen my back and knees because I am too young for arthritis.
* I would like to eventually not shop in the plus sized section anymore.
* I would like to be able to start jogging.

He then asked me if I was to jog, how far I would like to go. What a small goal for that larger goal would be. I said "a mile, I want to run a mile".  

I DID IT!!! Actually it was over a mile at 1.13, but still. Just over a month into my fitness program I am able to jog a mile! Now don't get me wrong I am by no means a distance runner or a speed runner. My pace is slow and steady because I don't want to hurt myself and I am still building up the stamina and leg strength to support my frame while I run. However I think a mile in just over 16 minutes for a 193 pound woman is excellent. Maybe I'm just experiencing "runner's high" but I can't help but feel completely triumphant about this.

Music plays a huge role in my fitness program. I have to find "mood music" to set my mind into the space it needs to be in order to achieve success. Depending on the day that music can vary from hard rock to pop, Lady Gaga to Korn. Today it was what I have now deemed my mantra song for running. I'm sure you have all seen the original Karate Kid movie. The song that plays when Daniel goes to the tournament is called "You're the Best". I freaking love that song. I walk around singing it all the time. Today that song is what helped me run over a mile and keep me power walking the rest of my workout (thanks to the continuous loop function on my iPod). I was so pumped by the time I got into the car to come home, I honestly felt like nothing was ever gonna keep me down. It may be silly and you can laugh all you want but picturing me dancing around on a trail to this song makes you smile and you can't deny it!

I achieved a goal today and I am ready to tackle the other goals on my list as well. I have lost several inches already and my body is definitely getting tone. That will continue to happen so it's a goal in constant progress. My back and knees are obviously stronger now than they were a month ago or I would not be able to run. They will keep getting stronger as long as I give them what they need to do so, also a goal in constant progress. I still have to shop in the plus sized section for pants, I still have to wear a size 16. The waist is huge on me and I have to wear belts but my thighs are too muscular to fit into a size 14 just yet. I'd hate to buy a pair and end of splitting them because I have "horse legs" LOL! However I can wear large shirts now and I can eventually see myself being able to wear my much loved medium size again on a more regular basis. Once I lose more fat from my middle and my back and my torso continues to lose inches. Everything I listed is within my grasp and that is the most wonderful feeling ever!!

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Proud of you, sis! Keep it up!