Friday, February 18, 2011

Moving onto the next step...

Had my first appointment with the specialist yesterday. I was so nervous prior to the appointment that my stomach was in knots and I sat in the waiting room with my leg bouncing uncontrollably. Once I got back into my examination room, the nursing staff was so pleasant and cracked jokes with me. They made me feel very comfortable. Then while waiting for the exam to start I got another bout of anxiety realizing I was in a small room with no windows. Claustrophobic much? I fought my way through that little bit of discomfort and finally my nurse came back in. She asked me the standard health questions about myself and my family history and said that we would need to schedule a colonoscopy. Once she explained how the procedure would unfold, it didn't sound too bad. I think I can handle this.

The day before the procedure I will have to be on a strictly clear liquid diet. No food at all. In the afternoon of prep day I will have to drink the concoction that will basically cleanse out the colon so the doctor can get a clear viewing once the colonoscopy is started. We don't want obstructions interrupting the procedure. The nurse joked and told me to grab a good book because I was going to be on the potty for awhile on prep day. That just sounds like a thrilling way to spend a day. After midnight that evening I am not allowed to have food or drinks until after the procedure. This is going to be hard for me considering I still have to feed the family here, so I'll have to cook just not eat. Worst of all, I can't have my coffee. I about cried. Even with non-dairy creamer, it can sometimes effect the colonoscopy, so they say drink it black or not at all. So I'll have to give up my addiction for one day, I'm sure I won't die, but I'll be grumpy nonetheless.

On procedure day they will give me general anesthesia. I will go to sleep and the procedure will begin. Once the doctor has completed his exam, they will wake me up and go over the findings. If there is anything to biopsy or cysts to be removed, it can take up to three weeks to get the results of those further tests. If the colonoscopy turns up fine and there are no abnormalities, then we get the joy of checking the small intestine and the stomach for issues. After that, then we should have it narrowed down as to what my symptoms could be related to.

I am nervous as to what they will find during the procedure. I'm hoping it's something mundane that can be taken care of with medicines or maybe even a change of diet. I've been drinking a lot more water lately and trying to be more active so I'm not just sitting all day. I'm hoping that may help in the long run. Someone having to examine my insides is very violating to me. I don't know why. I keep thinking if I had taken better care of myself all these years that maybe I wouldn't have the health issues I'm having. Or then again, maybe I would if it's something hereditary. Who knows.

I have to call later this morning to schedule the procedure. I'm not sure when it will be. I will keep this blog updated as I get further information. The one bit of humor I can have about all this, maybe I'll lose a few more pounds when I cleanse my system out? That would be super.....


Unknown said...

don't worry yourself or the procedure will be more scary. it is a simply procedure and i've had the other half (endoscocpy where stomach and intestine was checked ) - it really is no big deal. There isn't anything that is sore afterwards and you might get to see cool pics!

honestly the worse thing is taking away things that comfort you aka coffee, but that too you will overcome. it will be ok! here is a tip for you when i had to go to liquids and couldn't eat real food, don't cook. send the boys out for dinner. make lunches the day before and let dakota eat something pre-made for breakfast. nathan is grown he can fend for himself for one day. you not eating is hard enough, make it easier on YOU!

is someone going to take you and pick you up from surgery. they won't let you drive and you'll be hella groggy...don't forget that.

Steph said...

I agree with Melissa. My dad has had several done and they've found polyps for him, but it's more of a groggy issue afterward and you feel sleepy. Lots of water will help. Giving up the coffee for a day is tough, but maybe hot tea instead? But, as was already mentioned, don't stress about it or the procedure will feel worse. You'll be fine, we're all here to support you and hey: it's better to check it out anyway so if anything does come up, it can be dealt with and resolved. *hugs*