Monday, February 21, 2011

Week of tune ups!

This week is what I am loving calling my week of "tune ups". Tomorrow me and the family have optometry appointments. Hubby may need new glasses, I need glasses and Dakota is getting checked again. My vision has been pretty blurry lately so I want to make sure that I get it corrected before it gets worse. Glasses aren't near as bad as they used to be, I've been told girl's who wear glasses are sexy. I think we'll see how that turns out for me.

Thursday is my colonoscopy. I have to make sure that I get my medications refilled this week and that I go get the prep package so I can have my fun prep day on Wednesday. I'm so curious as to if I will lose a few pounds from clearing out the pipes. I'm hoping I do, but it's not exactly the way I would want to go about it normally. Once I have results they will be discussed here.

So I have been given the ok to talk about something else that I have been so excited about lately. In respect for those involved I haven't said anything online, but now I have the green light and I've got to talk about it. So here goes.....

Years ago I became friends with the most amazing woman. Her and I clicked right off the bat and we were so similar yet so different that it was like we were family. I babysat her kids, we hung out together all the time. I was at her wedding, she was there for my multiple relationships. We have been through it all together. Last year when her and I started actively keeping in touch again, I found out that she had fallen upon some hard times. My heart broke. Her and her wife were homeless at one point and that's when I decided that I just HAD to do something. So I talked it over with my hubby and he agreed that he wanted to help them as much as I did. Working a little bit of financial magic we have been able to make some amazing things happen for them. They will be moving out to TN with hubby and I in March. They currently live in CA. Once they get here our family will expand from 3 to 6 people. It will be different for me to have to cook for a larger family, but I'm sure I'll have plenty of help with that. I am looking forward to helping her and her wife and daughter get on their feet. It's a huge responsibility I've taken on but that's what I do. They did it for me, because before I moved to TN I was living on their living room floor with my newborn. Paying it forward and keeping my promise to her is making my heart feel so good. I smile a lot more now, knowing that I am helping three people who are more deserving of the help than anyone can imagine. Finally I'll get to do something that will positively effect the lives of others and I'm totally ok with that.

I still have a bit of fatigue, not sure if it's the medications or something else. I'm hoping the colonoscopy will determine any issues and from there I can start changing small things to see what I need to do to have more energy. I think adding exercise to my routine will help tremendously. I am wanting to start with walking. I was thinking about going to the mall in the mornings and spending a couple of hours there just walking around. Not window shopping either, power walking. There are stairs there and the mall is laid out to make the walk simple and lengthy. When I worked there a few years back, lots of people would walk the mall in the mornings before the stores opened. It's quiet and there aren't crowds to worry about. So it sounds like a plan.

I also have my bike that I can ride on. If I incorporate that into my routine as well my lower body will be getting an extreme cardio workout. However that still leaves me to work on my abs and arms. I have plenty of magazines that have ab workouts in them that are low impact and can be done in my bedroom after everyone is off to school and work in the mornings. Same goes for arm workouts with bands. I just have to stick with it. It's going into Spring quickly here and while I am much happier with my thinner body, I still have lots to work on before I am completely comfortable with the total package.

The next month is going to fly by because of all the things that are coming up and that I have to do. I am looking forward to every bit of it and I'm excited to be having friends moving in with me. Plus, in a sense I'll get a daughter too, so my urge to have a little girl of my own may be satiated for a bit. I can't wait!!!

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