Saturday, March 9, 2013

Walking For My Health

The past couple of days have been filled with a ton of walking. I have decided that I'm tired of sitting around wishing to lose weight and not doing anything about it. The weather has been gorgeous and I have taken advantage of it to the fullest. I plan to continue this workout trend as long as the weather permits (and maybe even when it doesn't).

Yesterday I kept my workout local. I decided to see what parks were in our area that I could take my son to since there was no school. I found one that was less than 3 miles away. We got up and got ready and headed out to see what this park had to offer. Wade-Walker park is next to the local YMCA and is absolutely huge. There are two playground areas (one is small and the other is much larger), there are walking trails and even a lake with a gazebo. While he played on the playground equipment I got in over 5 miles of walking around the trails that are within sight of the play area. We were there for a couple of hours before we took a short break for lunch. We ran to McDonalds where I picked up food for my son and husband and picked up a Southwest grilled chicken salad for myself. I have to say that salad was tasty and that dressing was spicy but so delicious. I enjoyed my salad then we headed back to the park for more outdoor activity. We stayed there until about 4pm (we arrived shortly after 10am) then we headed home so I could make dinner and relax after the 5 mile workout. I felt awesome afterwards and made sure to stretch out good so I didn't get sore later on. After dinner I had a mini spa night and took a hot shower and exfoliated with my almond body scrub. Our shower has two small seat areas in it which I took full advantage of while exfoliating my feet and giving myself a mini foot massage. It was heaven. Rehydrating my skin after my shower with a yummy smelling lotion (sugared vanilla) and putting on my plum and peppermint foot balm with some extra soft socks. I grabbed a cup of my bedtime caramel tea and laid in bed reading some magazines on the iPad. I was relaxed and fell asleep with a smile on my face because I got in exercise and it felt wonderful!

Today all three of us adventured to Piedmont Park in downtown Atlanta. Piedmont is the largest park in this area. It's 53 acres of awesome is what it is. We parked at the MARTA station and rode the train to the park so we wouldn't have to worry about finding parking downtown. My son loves riding public transit and it gets us where we have to go without worrying about gas and parking, so double win there. There was a farmer's market set up at the park today. Just a few booths selling things homemade things. Jams, honey, tea, breads, vegetables etc etc. It was fun to look even if we didn't buy anything (since we were going to be at the park for a few hours I didn't want to carry around our purchases). We walked all around the park and found two playgrounds that my son got to enjoy for a bit. I logged over 4 miles of walking today. We had lunch at an awesome Asian buffet and I got my sushi fix. I am so addicted to sushi, I absolutely love it. I like trying colorful and new rolls and as long as they are not spicy I'm all good. We came home and I read some more on the iPad while drinking some chamomile tea. I have a small blister on the bottom of one of my toes on my left foot, probably from where my sock curled up and wrinkled inside my shoe. Other than that, today was a win with a new place explored and more exercise logged.

Tomorrow I think is going to be house chores (mostly laundry) and putting together my son's bed since we finally got his mattress. I plan to keep it low key and maybe go out for a little exercise in the afternoon depending on how I feel. I don't want to overdo the exercise but it feels so good to be outside and getting sun. I am finding plenty of products recently that I love as well. Things that stimulate my senses and make me smile. I'm finding that sometimes it's the simple things in life that can make all the difference. Life doesn't have to be complicated or full of stress, a person can keep it simple and allow enjoyment to come in all shapes sizes and ways.
My new favorite teas

Makes my kitchen and dishes smell amazing

Laundry is so much happier now

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