Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Finding Routine

I still don't feel like I've quite settled into my routine yet. I'm still super busy throughout the day and ready for bed by like 8pm every night, even though I stay up much later than that. We have been in our house for just over a week now and things are coming together. A ton of unpacking has been done and things are being put away in an organized manner. The maintenance man who does our repairs complimented me and said he loves the way I set up my kitchen and master bedroom. That made me happy because an outsider can see the time and effort I'm taking to make this home look neat and inviting for people. Yay for taking interior decorating courses all those years ago, I still got it!

Even though I have all these wonderful things to be happy about and I get to experience my new home and new town I have been feeling a little blue lately. The past couple of days I've woken up with a little bit of depression lingering around my mind for some reason. Maybe it's the severely cold weather, maybe it's something else, I don't know. I'm wondering if it's because I'm doing too much too fast and things aren't getting done in the time frame I would have liked to have had them done in. I mean it took me a month to pack it all up, how could I possibly think I could get it all unpacked and put away in a week? I've always been hard on myself but now I think that my demands on myself might be making me sick (and tired).

So the roofers come today to put a new roof on the house. Above our storage room off of the den there is a weak spot in the roof that leaks really bad. There is black mold in that room too, so the landlady has to have the roof redone and the black mold cleaned up out of the room. Hopefully the weather cooperates with the roofers and they can get this done in a timely manner, I'd hate for it to start raining when they are trying to get it done. We shall see.

My son didn't have any complaints about school when he got home yesterday. He didn't have homework since it was his first day there but I'm sure he will have some tonight. He didn't argue when I woke him up this morning either, just got up and went straight to the shower. I'm beginning to think that this new medication (Intuniv) is doing well for him. He has been eating me out of house and home lately and drinking plenty of fluids. He has said "Mom I'm hungry" more times in the past 5 days than he has in the past 5 years. That just goes to prove that having him on a harsh stimulant was doing him no favors. Sure he was compliant for school (mostly) but he wasn't able to listen to his body and know when he needed to eat or drink because his body wasn't "talking" to him. It's nice to have my boy back to a place where he eats and gets full and he's eating a whole plate of food. I still have to learn proper portion size for him, I tend to always put too much on his plate especially at dinner time. He makes a heroic attempt to eat it all at least and that's what counts. This is day 5 on this medication and so far I have no complaints and I haven't noticed any side effects of body twitching like he had on stimulants. So far so good!

I'm thinking I might make this one of my lounge days. I'm super tired and just don't feel like pushing myself to get it all done today. I have my son's room almost done, we still need to assemble his bed once the mattress we ordered him gets here, hopefully soon. I have the guest room done except for taking the totes stored in there and putting them in the closet. I have the kitchen, dining room and laundry room done. Our master bedroom is a work in progress because I am still hanging up and putting away clothes and I have to put away bathroom stuff in our cabinet. The second guest bedroom has nothing in it just yet but it will one day. The front room (which is going to be a reading lounge) isn't anywhere near done because we don't have the furniture for that room yet. Once we get the furnishings I will be able to put all that stuff away and it will look awesome I think. However for today, I want to relax and take time to recoop from 8 days of busy work, cleaning and putting together furniture. Hot tea and television entertainment sounds good to me!

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