Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One Step Closer

Things have been so incredibly busy lately that I've once again fallen victim to not having enough time to blog. I've petitioned for more hours in a day but my petition is denied every time! So I'm taking a few moments this morning while my son gets ready for school to jot down what's been going on.

We got the lease for the new place last night. We read through it to make sure there were no surprises in the fine print. We did notice that the lease said that we cannot have pets. The landlord knows we have cats and that was even put on our application. I'm not sure if she meant to mark that section so I am going to call her today to assure that our fur babies will have a place to live.
This is one of our fur babies:  Raistlin

We spent hours last night pouring over "things to do in Atlanta" lists on the internet. My head almost exploded by the sheer amount of amazing things to do in the city and immediate areas. I simply cannot wait to move and get into an area that is so much fun and educational and NEW! (ok well new to me that is). The house is amazing and we are bike riding distance to Stone Mountain Park which is another huge draw for me. Having all those resources for outside exercise and enjoyment fills my heart with a joy that I haven't felt in years. Don't get me wrong I love Chattanooga too, there are many beautiful areas here as well but we've been there done that and there isn't much new left in this little city for us. It's still hard for me to believe that I've lived in TN now almost 10 years. (It will be 10 years in Oct of this year). I remember the move like it was yesterday. There are times when I miss California and my family more than I can express but overall I am very glad I moved to TN because I have grown, learned, lived and discovered more about myself and my life than I ever had before.

This weekend a friend of ours graciously agreed to watch my son for us so we could have a kid free weekend. We don't get those often so "date nights" rarely happen. Don't get me wrong I love going out as a family and doing family stuff but sometimes I'd like to just connect with my husband. We were trying to think of something to do for the weekend. I might have to work this weekend if our workload gets heavy so I didn't want to plan anything too extravagant. We decided to go to the Hunter Museum. In the 9 years that I've lived in Chattanooga I've never actually been inside this museum. I've been up to it, taken plenty of pictures of the outside of it, even walked into the gift shop once or twice but never actually toured the art displays inside. I love museums of all kinds. I love learning about history and seeing artwork that is so beautifully displayed. It warms my heart to see the creativity of other people. So we are going to do lunch downtown and go to the museum on Saturday. We'll probably spend a few hours downtown window shopping if weather permits. I'm looking forward to doing the one last thing I haven't done in Chattanooga before we move!

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