Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Magic of Saturdays

I decided that Saturday was going to be my day of lounging and relaxing. After the work week and all the stress and chaos, I felt I had deserved a day "off" from the responsibilities of life. I gladly made that yesterday.

Now in my defense I did do one thing that was on my list of chores and that was to pick up my dog's monthly flea treatment tablet from the vet. The rest of the day belonged to me however. After picking up the dog's medicine, I went to get my brows waxed. Sure that's not very relaxing but it makes me feel better about my appearance and I feel more feminine when I have it done. After that I went to my favorite book store, McKays and decided to peruse the shelves on a mission to find some new reading material. Well due to the wonderfully cute new app that I got on my phone where I can make a list of books I want to read and their authors, I was able to find what I was looking for. I zoned in and started grabbing books from the series. It's the Zanth series from Piers Anthony. Several of my geek friends have read these books and they have recommend that I read them as well. There are 25 books in the series, I was able to get 20 of them. I was so stoked. I came home with that bag of books and my husband was like "good gracious baby, did you go shopping or what?" He was secretly excited about my purchases too I think because he wants to reread that series as well. There are several books on my "to read" list that I wanted to get but funds were not unlimited and some of the books are still in hardback and kind of pricey. I will make my way through the ones that I recently purchased first. I also picked up The Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison, the next book in the Hollows series. Then I made a purchase that I've been promising to make for a few years now. I picked up the entire set of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy books. Since I saw the movie and found out there was a book series associated with it, I've wanted to read them. We were at Books a Million on Friday night and my hubby found the complete works (in one large book) and I couldn't say no this time. So it looks like I have plenty to keep me busy for awhile, which always makes me smile.

When I was young I used to read all the time. It was what I did when I wasn't outside playing. Over the years I've let modern technology and time get in the way of my love for reading. It's easier to play video games for quick entertainment. I recently decided (about a month ago) that I wanted to get back to basics. I wanted to have a hobby that was going to set a good example for my son and allow me the downtime from reality that I need at the end of a long day. In that month I finished two books that I had started and never finished. Now I'm moving along into the Zanth series. Reading is one of those things that brings back fond memories of my childhood and times that were much simpler. When I didn't have all the adult responsibilities and the only person that I had to answer to was my Mom. A nice cup of hot tea and a good book go a long way with me and that path can lead me only to inner peace and satisfaction with myself.

Last night after my shopping spree at the bookstore, we decided to go to downtown Chattanooga and watch the Starlight Christmas Parade. It was really fun and there were some very interesting entries into the parade. It's the first parade my son has ever been to in his life (and he's 10!) It brought back memories of going to the parade in my hometown every year when the county fair would come through. I looked forward to the parade and fair every year growing up! After last night's parade we went down to the riverfront and watched a lighted boat parade and the fireworks. Overall it was a night of whimsy and good times. We went to dinner afterwards which was way later than our usual dinner time but I was ok with that for one night. I came home, finished a book I was working on and promptly put the sleep mask on and crashed afterwards.

Today I have to step back into reality a little and get this house in order for the week. I have to clean the kitchen, prepare some foods for me for the week, do laundry (again) and clean bathrooms (mine needs to be reorganized again). I also need to put up the Christmas tree. I got the wreath hung and the mantle decorated last night. The tree takes awhile because it's a plastic tree and I have to fan out all the limbs before we decorate it and after being in a tiny box for a year, those limbs are very squished together and not very attractive looking. I have a huge to do list but I think I'm ready. Now the question is, what to start first?

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