Thursday, December 13, 2012

Back on Track, Maybe?

Yesterday was my day of rest. I can honestly say that nothing exciting happened at all. After calling in to work I slept most of yesterday. I woke up around lunchtime and having missed breakfast I was starving. My hubby made me some white rice with steamed veggies in it. Then as a treat for my sore throat I ate 1/2 cup of my caramel praline crunch frozen yogurt (my new favorite). The taste reminds me of maple syrup or something you would put on top of pancakes. I absolutely love it and it's not only low calorie but also has probiotics in it. Thank you Blue Bunny brand for making something that is semi-good for me and delicious too!

I came downstairs around dinner time and was in a conundrum as to what I wanted to eat for dinner. My husband agreed to do grocery shopping for me so we wouldn't be out of food later this week but that still left me with what I wanted to eat right then. I couldn't decided, nothing sounded good and my stomach was not feeling any of the suggestions that I gave it. I decided that I was going to order pizza and either enjoy it or have plenty leftover for lunch at work. Domino's has a gluten free crust (10 inch personal size = 6 small pieces). I added grilled chicken, mushroom, black olive and pineapple to it with the marinara sauce (also gluten free). Overall it was pretty good. I hate the fact that most restaurants slightly burn gluten free crusts because they are thinner and don't require high heat to cook through. I've learned to live with it in order to have a guilty pleasure that I don't have often. I ate 3 pieces and the rest is going with me to work for lunch today. I find this amazing since past experiences when I have consumed the entire pizza. I only ate half and felt full. Maybe it's the sickness or the tummy full of orange juice but whatever it is I'll take it!

I woke up feeling decent this morning. Not super, not marvelous, not even great, but decent. I didn't feel like death warmed over and I could actually breathe through my nose. This means that I'm going back to work and hopefully won't be too far behind from my missed day yesterday. I hate the idea of going out in the cold (it's freezing out there today) but I have a scarf and a winter jacket that will keep me warm. Now if only I could find my gloves (which I seem to lose every year).

I've been reading here and there when I am not too sleepy to do so. I'm enjoying the book one of the Xanth series by Piers Anthony. It's interesting so far. Hopefully I'll be able to get more into my book as I start feeling better and don't need to sleep all the time. I put the book down for a few hours last night to play on the Sims 3. I have the Seasons expansion and I'm loving playing around with it. Now if only I could find the CTRL + SHIFT + C "motherlode" function for real life!

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