Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Conversations with my body

I will totally own up to the fact that for the past six days I have not done one ounce of structured exercise. Despite falling off my exercise bandwagon I still managed to lose a pound, the scale happily reported the other day that I was 178 pounds now. I was a little shocked considering that I haven't been doing my daily workouts but I'll take it! This morning when my early alarm went off I hadn't gotten much sleep so I ignored it and went back to bed. I finally drug myself out of bed at 9am and started my morning. A little before 11am I decided that I needed to go exercise. I reluctantly got my workout clothes on, laced up my shoes and headed to the car. I arrived at the park for my 5 mile endeavor not feeling very motivated. I got my Endomondo app started and turned on my music. I had planned on only walking today since it has been six days since I last worked out and I didn't want to over do it. However the moment my feet hit the pavement of the trail I heard this little voice coming from my legs saying "Run?" I decided to address them and I asked myself "Are you sure you can handle a run today, it's been a few?" My legs answered quickly "Run now, need to run." So I did.

I have been researching jogging and reading plenty of fitness tips and how to's so I can prevent injuries and make sure that I am building the proper stamina and strength that my body needs to get stronger. Many of the articles I have read said that at first if you are slow as a snail don't sweat it. There is nothing wrong with jogging at your own pace and unless you are going to be an Olympic runner, speed shouldn't be your focus anyway. Speed will come over time and what the main focus should be is proper form and stamina building. Learning to control your breathing and distance ran. So I started out today and jogged slowly. At first it felt really weird because it was just a tad faster than my walk speed when I'm power walking. I continued at this pace and wasn't feeling tired or winded at all. My breathing came easily and I was certain that this is what I should have been doing all along instead of worrying about long strides and speed. I got to the first incline of the roadway and I slowed my jog down so my leg muscles could switch gears in preparation for the incline. I made it over that hill easily. I made it over 3 more hills just like that one. I was feeling pretty accomplished and proud that I wasn't hurting or having difficulty breathing or feeling like I was doing to pass out. However at about 1.68 miles into my job I got an urgent message from my lungs. "Hey, legs, we appreciate your enthusiasm and we respect your need for more but this humidity is doing nothing for us and if you want to keep this body moving we need to slow it down a notch so we can actually function at a comfortable rate". My legs reluctantly realized that they were not going to win that battle and I took it back down to a power walk rate. The humidity in GA is ridiculous especially since it's been storming for days now and all that moisture is just hanging over us like a wet blanket. Mind you it wasn't raining when I was working out today but the storm hit right as I got into the car to head home after my workout. I walked the rest of my workout today and felt pretty good when it was finished. I know it's a good workout when my shirt is soaked and my shorts are almost completely soaked as well.

Feeling better after having worked out. I'm not sure what my issue has been the past few days and why I just haven't felt like working out. Over the 4th of July weekend we were busy and rarely home so that is fine. However Monday and Tuesday I was at home and totally able to workout in the early morning and I just didn't do it. My mind was not in the mood for exercise or anything really. I just wanted a break from all the structure and effort that I have to put into my daily activities just to keep myself healthy. It's such a chore and it doesn't seem to get an easier the further along this journey I go. I'm stoked to be losing the weight but sometimes I wish there was an easy button so I didn't have to make such a grandiose effort. I am going to get back onto my exercise bandwagon and make sure that I move my five days a week like I'm supposed to. I've had my pity party now it's time to tighten the belt and move on.

Speaking of tightening of my belt, I discovered that I can now fit into a large top and a size 14 jeans again. My size 16's are so huge on me it's hilarious when I walk and they slide down. If my hips were a little smaller I'd lose my pants altogether. I suppose that by the time fall gets here it will be time to update my wardrobe and buy smaller size clothing that actually fits me and doesn't look baggy and sloppy. Oh no, shopping for a new wardrobe, oh the horror! (said no girl ever!)

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