Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beautiful day today

This morning started off a bit rough, I was groggy and in a bad sad panda sort of mood. However my day got progressively better. After lunch I took hubby back to work and kept the car for the afternoon. Since it was so nice and sunny out, I took Bailey to the dog park downtown. She had fun romping with some other dogs but soon realized that she is not a big dog and should not play with dogs that are much larger than herself. A few yelps for help later and some skittish moments and she was finally able to come out of her cautious shell and play again. She got flipped and stepped on by a dog that was part black lab part greyhound (big boy). He was just playing but it was a bit too rough for my 8 pound princess.

I picked my son up from school, picked hubby up from work and we went to our optometry appointments. Hubby got two pair of new glasses ordered. One for daily wear and one for computer work. I got one new pair ordered and I have the prettiest purple frames. They are so different from anything that I would have worn in the past. They are a little out of my comfort zone because they are attention getting, but I think that I can work with it because they are really cute. The boy child's eyes are perfect vision wise, however there is another problem that he is having.

The doctor recommended vision therapy for Dakota because just doing the basic eye test (follow the pencil, look at my ear sort of requests), Dakota couldn't keep up. His eyes fatigue quickly and he does not have the muscle control that a child his age should have. Once we get reimbursed for mine and hubby's appointment costs today we will be able to set up the initial vision therapy appointment which is two separate appointment dates. If it's decided that Dakota needs therapy the length of time will be determined based on the physician's findings during his testing period. It's a long road ahead of the little guy, but if it helps him to be able to work in school and read better, I'll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

I called this morning and cancelled the colonoscopy appointment. I will make the appointment again later in the year when we have available funds to pay for such things. If my condition gets worse in the meantime, I will go see my primary care doctor and find out if I have any other options other than a surgical procedure. (Yes a colonoscopy is considered surgery). I haven't been having any issues lately, but I have been taking notice of what things aggravate my stomach and trying to avoid those things entirely.

We had a quick dinner tonight since we got home so late and I am so ready just to veg out and not move the rest of the night. I'm so exhausted and I didn't do anything all that strenuous today at all. At the dog park I basically stood around and threw a frisbee or ball to the dogs. So I will take my shower and curl up in the bedroom shortly hoping to find something good on tv tonight. I look forward to being able to see our tv clearly in 7-10 business days. Once I get my new glasses I'll make sure I post pictures on facebook for everyone to tell me what they think.

For now I'm in a decent mood, just tired. Tomorrow is another day and I'm thinking if this weather keeps up I'm going to be happy to be outside and getting active. Yay for an early Spring!

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Steph said...

The sunshine does help lift the spirits, for sure. :) Sounds like you had a great day and it was good for the soul. I hope it continues, girlie! :)