Thursday, December 6, 2012

Do I Really Need That Burger?

The past few days at work have been hectic. The workload is picking up and people are learning to work together in order for these processes to go from nothing, to a completely finished product. It's hard work and it takes a ton of communication but in the end we can all make this happen, as long as we communicate. This is a process that some people are better at than others. All this disorganization makes me crazy. By lunch time yesterday my eye was twitching and I knew that I had to get out of the office and go purchase my lunch.

I have several super healthy places close by my work that I could have gone and had a very calorie friendly healthy lunch. There are also quite a few bad places to go that is going to fill my belly with grease and fat. My brain knew that I should have gotten a salad or some fresh sushi but no, I went for that burger and fries that I justified eating by saying "I need a burger!"

Really? Did I "need" that burger? No. I could have survived on something with less fat content and more vegetation. I do say that since I have to have my burgers in a lettuce wrap because I can't eat the buns, it does bring the calorie count down significantly. However, it wasn't the calories that came back to haunt me last night, it was the grease. I went to Five Guys and order the hamburger (which is a double patty), I added the lettuce wrap, tomato (3 slices), pickle (8 slices) and sauteed mushrooms (about 2-3 mushrooms sliced total). I ordered a regular fry (which is absolutely huge and could easily feed 2-3 people) and other than a few fries that my coworker took, I ate them all. I also had a red cream soda (it is the most delicious carbonated beverage ever!) When you add all that up into the equation that is my stomach, well, I wasn't feeling so hot last night. I was gassy and bloated feeling and a little on the "stuffed" side. My stomach had gone from all those days of great eating to an afternoon of eating pure crap and it wasn't sure what to do with it.
my burger didn't have cheese

This morning I feel dehydrated. My body needs water and lots of it. I feel like I used to feel all those years when I was eating horribly and eating huge portions all the time. I remember now how unhealthy feels and I can honestly say I really don't want to feel this way anymore. There is nothing I can do to negate my lunch time decision yesterday I have to own it. I have to take responsibility and admit that I had a moment of completely and utter disregard for my body and I ate what I wanted not what I needed. I can't believe I lived with this eating habit for all of my life! I'm honestly not sure how I wasn't obese sooner but I'm glad I wasn't because that would have destroyed my self esteem during my early years. I have tons of mental issues as it is and having self esteem hang ups because of years of bad food choices is definitely one I hate admitting to anyone or even myself at times. So today, I have to reflect and know that I am in control, the food does not make the woman the woman makes the food!
comfort foods should look like this

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